1. What is Neighbormate?

  • Neighbormate is a more secure, online community where you can buy or sell items to people you know and trust.

2. Is Neighbormate free?

  • Yes! Neighbormate is free for nearly all postings. Only a select few items are not free to post to prevent fraud, such as housing and job postings.

3. How is Neighbormate more secure than other sites?

  • Neighbormate is more secure because users are able to verify their place of employment or education through Neighbormate.
  • Using this information, users can choose to buy or sell items to other employees or students in their own, known communities.
  • Gone are the days of not knowing who you choose to buy/sell from!

4. How does Neighbormate verify a users place of employment or school?

  • Neighbormate users add a network email to verify their workplace or school.
  • Once added, your network will appear on your profile. Only choose to buy/sell items from people with verified networks!

5. What is a network email?

  • A network email is an email address you use for an organization, such as work or school. By adding one of these emails to your account here, you can verify that you work at a certain company or attend a certain school.
  • It could also be an additional or alternative email account you would like to connect to your account in order to invite friends and connections to join you on Neighbormate with.
  • Remember, these emails are only contacted to confirm the email address, and will never be contacted again.

6. How are network emails verified?

  • All network emails are verified by Neighbormate.

7. How do I sign up?

  • Simply click the sign in button to create an account. You can sign up with your Facebook, Linkedin, Goolge +, Twitter, or create a new account via your email address on Neighbormate.

8. Will Neighbormate contact me via email?

  • When you sign up for Neighbormate, you will only receive emails to your primary email address. This will include a welcome email as well as the occasional email outlining new items for sale or mate requests. Of course, you can always opt out of the emails to no longer receive them.
  • Neighbormate also allows users to add network emails. These emails are only contacted to confirm the email address, and will never be contacted again.

9. How will potential buyers contact me?

  • Potential buyers have the option to “Reach out” to your listings on Neighbormate. They will then fill out a form on the website which will be sent to your primary email address.
  • The email will come from If you wish to respond, you can reply back to the person by clicking the “Reply” button. This will put you in direct contact with the user who wants to buy your item. The user reaching out will not know your information until you respond back.

10. Are posts monitored by Neighbormate?

  • Yes, all posts are monitored by the Neighbormate moderator team. If any posts do not follow our guidelines, they will be removed.

11. How do I post a Listing?

  • Simply click the "Post an Item" button and fill out as much information as possible about what your listing.

12. What must I include in my listings?

  • In order to post an item for sale, you must include the following information:
  • Item title
  • Description of your item
  • Category
  • Picture of your item

13. How do I search for something I want to buy?

  • Use the search bar or filter options at the top of the website to find items you are interested in. You can also search for your friends on the website or for other people who share the same network as you do.

14. How do I pay for a purchase?

  • Users are free to buy/sell items however they want, however Neighbormate recommends buying/selling all items face to face and with cash to avoid fraud.

15. I added my email but am not receiving a confirmation link. What should I do?

  • Be sure to check your spam folders in case the email got sorted there. If it is in a spam folder, be sure to move it to your inbox.

16. Where do I get technical help?

17. What kinds of posts are not allowed?

  • Please refer to our terms and service agreement for specific details, but use common sense! If you would not show it to your mom it is probably not allowed on the site!

18. What is the Neighbormate Privacy Policy?

The Neighbormate Team